Wire Rope Accessories

Ronstan offers a variety of wire rope accessories including thimbles, ferrules, and wire rope grips. Two style of thimbles are available, each specifically designed for use with either wire or fibre rope. Stainless steel thimbles intended for use with wire rope have opening breaks for the wire, while thimbles intended for use with fibre rope feature a smoother, continuous loop. These are also commonly referred to as “sailmaker’s thimbles”. Thimble sizing is very specific to the wire or fibre rope diameter – an improper fit will limit the thimble’s effectiveness and can also make it very difficult or impossible to install. Ronstan’s range of thimbles are either pressed from corrosion resistant grade 304 stainless steel or moulded from impact resistant, UV stabilised Nylon.

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Stainless Steel Eye Thimbles
Stainless Steel Thimbles
Nickel Plated Copper Ferrules
Wire Rope Grips