Swage Products

Swaging is the process of attaching an end fitting to a wire cable or rope using hydraulic pressure to permanently fuse the two together. The result is a connection that achieves close to the original breaking load of the wire.

Ronstan have a wide range of swage products, all manufactured from high quality, corrosion resistant, marine grade materials, providing a combination of high load capacity and long service life. They are suitable for wire diameters from 3mm (1/8") all the way to 36mm (1-3/8"), with minimum breaking loads ranging from 680kg (1,500lb) to 96,400kg (212,300 lb). We can provide components or completed cable assemblies.

Uses include balustrade / wire handrail infill, bridges, fašades, and structural bracing and support.

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Swage Toggles, Metric Wire
Swage Toggles, Imperial Wire
Threaded Swage Terminals, Metric Wire
Threaded Swage Terminals, Imperial Wire
Swage Eyes, Metric Wire
Swage Eyes, Imperial Wire
Swage Forks, Metric Wire
Swage Forks, Imperial Wire