Shackles, Snap Shackles, & Triggersnap™ Shackles

Shackles, snap shackles, & Triggersnap™ shackles are used to provide a removable or releasable connection between two load bearing elements.

Ronstan shackles are manufactured with 316 grade stainless steel, for excellent corrosion resistance and high strength. We offer multiple styles of clevis pin connections for versatility and convenience and a variety of lengths, widths, and load capacities, and include swivel options.

Ronstan Snap shackles are cast from 15.5 PH stainless steel and have a spring-loaded quick release pin mechanism for quick opening feature. We offer fixed, swivel and pin bail configurations for maximum versatility. Our extensive range of snap shackles have maximum working load ranges from 75kg to 3750kg! We offer a mat blackened finish for military and theatrical applications upon special request.

Triggersnap™ Shackles feature a latch mechanism for quick and intuitive one-handed operation. Release under load is easily accomplished by using a spike (available as RF1322) to safely actuate the trigger. Heat treated, investment cast 15-5PH stainless steel components offer high strength and excellent corrosion resistance. Additionally, every Ronstan Triggersnap™ is individually proof-load tested and stamped with a production code for traceability.

Soft shackles are manufactured with soft fibre, high strength Dyneema® rope. They feature an adjustable spliced loop that is fitted over a stopper knot to complete a loop. Soft shackles are very versatile and used for many applications. Available in 6 diameters, from 600kg to 7000kg.

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