Rope Cleats & Rope Clutches

Cleats are devices used to hold fibre ropes in place. Ronstan has a broad range of cleats for various applications.

V-cleats feature a static V-shaped groove which wedge the rope in place when it is pulled down into the groove.

Cam cleats feature spring loaded cams which allow free movement of the rope when it is pulled in one direction but resist the tension in the rope when it is pulled in the other. The cams are engaged by pulling the rope down into the cleat and released by pulling the rope up and out of the cleat.

Horn cleats have 2 horns over which the rope is wrapped to resist the rope tension. Ronstan cleats come in a range of materials and sizes, compatible with rope diameters from 2mm (3/32”) to 16mm (5/8”), maximum working loads ranging from 75kg (330lb) to 230kg (510lb). A wide variety of accessories are also available to help with mounting and ease of use.

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